Women’s Empowerment is fake

The term women’s empowerment is one of term, which has been using for many years. Personally speaking, I am getting sick and tired of this word. I am unable to understand one thing that why people do talk about it. Is it really important? If we talk about the women status in India it is all because of British and Mughals rules and few of the people who consider themselves as the saviour of the nation.


Traditionally, I have been a land were Women’s has been worshipped. Women had an equal chance of representation in society. When Ravan tried to abduct Sita, he lost his all importance and life. The main cause of the greatest war Mahabharta, when they try to disrespect a woman. We all worship Goddess Durga. So, it is in our tradition that we have been respecting women. 


I would like to say something about the situation of women and how we all can improve it. It is not something that we can be changed in a strike of fingers but it is a process and it will take time. I believe that this situation can be changed and we all have to play an important role in it. I believe instead of empowering, it sounds like that women don’t have any power. Do you think like this? 

I won’t think, I believe that women are strong, they just need realisation and support. They can do wonder if we support and encourage them. So we need to encourage and support women if we really want to see them do well. They all have dreams they just need is support. 

#Encourage them

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