How not to get jealous from other success

Every day we encounter many people who keep on complaining about their life. Just think once, god has given you a life to live it or to keep complaining about it.

We always keep complains about the other success and, have you ever think why that person got success and you didn’t?

just think about it.

Now I will be taking examples from two epics. First, I will take an example from Ramayana, There was only one leader that is Ram, all Banar Sena was his devotees. Everyone has their role in the team of Ram according to the capabilities. They all have their strengths and limitations. Why Hanuman is more famous among all Banar Sena? why?

Because, He was capable to bring Sanijivani Butti, He has capabilities to burn Lanka and he has capabilities to do anything which others even can’t think of. It doesn’t mean that other Banar sena didn’t have any significance. Take the example of Nal and Nil. They played key roles in the construction of setu. which help all Banar sena to reach Lanka. 

In Mahabharata, we can say why the only Krishna got significant. Because he has capabilities, Why only Arjun won every battle coz he was capable and he wasn’t jealous of Karna like he was with Arjun. 


Here I have a few points which gonna help you to overcome the fear and jealousy.

If anyone is getting promoted in your office then he is more capable.

If anyone is getting a better salary then he is more skilled.

If anyone is getting recognition then he is more likely to do better work. 

if anyone who is a leader then he deserves. 

before being a leader be a follower.

give your best, learn new things, improve yourself, good things will come to you.


Before getting jealous of someone just see within yourself and identify your loophole. It is better to keep improving rather than seeing in other’s fault. It is better to compete with ourself rather than others.


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