Lockdown: Stay Home, Stay Safe

The roads are empty, streets are lifeless, malls are just building and theatre are just a structure parks have flowers but no one to appreciate and one person doesn’t want to talk face to face with another. Economies are suffering, stock markets are the lowest of the last few years. This virus has created a sense of fear among people. To get rid of this virus, we are in lockdown.

We all are aware of the fact that we are in lockdown from March 23rd. On 22nd of March we were in Janata Curfew and then lockdown extended till 31st March and after a few discussions it has further extended till 30th April.

COVID-19 has affected everyone in our country. The patients are in hospitals, suspects are in quarantine and the rest of them are locked in their own home. Their world has become stand-still. Yes, we are suffering in one or other way.

I feel this suffering is better when we compare it with the life of our real superheroes. You all know about whom I am talking about. Yes, you guess it right. They are doctors, Policemen, Armed forces members of all municipalities and cantonment areas, NGOs and we all.

Yes, we all, we are contributing our part. People who are working from home are contributing for their companies and those who are not working, they are sitting in their home and hoping for the better time and they believe, this situation will pass too.

The most affected people during this lockdown are daily wage labourers. They are depending on the people; they are the only people suffering after a patient. We can understand their suffering for basic needs, god must give more strength to fight with this situation.

Let’s appreciate the efforts of the policemen and doctors. They are risking their lives and working for us. Doctors are known as the second god, hence its proved. They are serving 24×7 to patients and living away from their family. Doctors are risking their lives and treating the patients who are suffering from this COVID-19. Policemen are working and making sure that people should not come out from their home. In this process, we can help these two people by staying at home.

Our safety can be ensured by us, we are responsible for our health, we make sure that we keep ourselves in good health, work on our body and stay fit and stay at home. As doctors, Policemen and all municipalities are working for us, here is a chance that we can work for them we can help them by listening guidelines of government and staying at home.

Let’s take a moment and appreciate our government at all levels. As we belong to the federal system, the government of all levels should work as one and make a better decision. I experience that, in this extreme situation, despite political and ideological differences government of all states came together, joined their hands and fighting with this epidemic.

We can appreciate the steps taken by the central government, Janata Curfew and light Diya at 9 pm for 9 minutes. I believe that these two steps were amazing as people participated and forgot all their sorrows for a while. I feel Janata curfew was more important and amazing step as it was dedicated to doctors, policemen and members of all municipalities. They all are working for us. They deserve more than this. Hope you all feel the same.

In this epidemic, we came to know one important thing that our country exporting medicines to foreign countries. Yes, I am talking about hydroxychloroquine (hy·droxy·chlor·o·quine). Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro compare hydroxychloroquine as Sanjeevani Booti. Hydroxychloroquine is used to treat lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. It’s also used to prevent and treat malaria. It is not the treatment for COVID-19, but it is under study as possible and can be a suitable treatment of COVID-19. India is exporting hydroxychloroquine to America, Brazil and a few other countries.

It has been 2 weeks, we are staying at home, on Wednesday, one thought strike in my mind. What people are doing these days. How people are doing in this lockdown. How are they utilising this lockdown? For this, I conducted a survey. The results were amazing. It gave me immense happiness after seeing the response. Thank you, respondents.

What I got is people who are working from home, are working. People who are in the final year, they are preparing for exams. Few people are enjoying their time with family, few are working on their fitness, few people are practising yoga and many people are learning new skills. Amazingly, people are utilising their time and making most of it.

As I am working, working from home is not a good experience for me. Here is how I summaries my work from home.

I believe that this suffering will end and life will be normal once again. If we go with history, we find that we are getting these short of pandemic after every 100 years, it gives us hope that this testing time will pass too. Together we can fight this evil and we will win this fight. We just need is patience and unity. If we are united nothing can defeat us.

Economies will prosper again, GDP of all countries will improve, stock markets will set new records. It has been tendencies of economies and the stock market. We have experienced fluctuations in the indexes and markets. Economies have faced the recession of 2008, and after we have seen significant growth in the market.

We just need to keep believing in ourselves, we are standing united against this coronavirus and we will win this fight.

Today I watched a video of Prince Ea. Click here to watch video

I am concluding this by saying that positivity and alertness are key to defeat this virus. Well, this lockdown is bringing a few good news like, earth’s ozone layer is healing and the pollution level is getting low. Stay positive, stay at home and stay safe, we can and we will defeat this epidemic. 


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