Bangaram Words

When everything was going well AS usual in our lives  the day I wake up early to rush the college to the night I sleep thinking about next day college fests, bunks, exams and what not,  when we talk about natural calamities that destroys particular state or district, we came across industrial exposure from particular industry, we come across flu or diseases that effects particular society, we come across challenges faced by farmers from particular villages, so my point here is there is no more particular thing to talk about it is about the entire world which has come across this pandemic and lost many lives irrespective of age, gender, religion. Can anyone think or dreamt about this drastic change that we all are facing today?  

Though many developed countries are equipped with sophisticated technology still they are facing the same problem and many people are fighting against this virus, our country being as a developing country has taken many initiatives to face this pathetic situation apart from these initiatives our biggest weapon to control the pandemic is Lockdown. Though lockdown seems to be tough for almost everyone during starting days of lockdown I really felt like being in a jail but surprisingly when days are passing I came to know that well I’m not surrounding with four corners like a jail, so I felt happy and started living the way I live. During lockdown I learnt many lessons the first and foremost thing is being healthy is more important than being wealthy. So, I started practicing yoga which is very essential in order to lead a better life both physically and mentally. So, considering this point it also commemorates our traditional culture practice which includes consuming turmeric which leads to many health benefits, cow dung mixed with water is used as a disinfectant and also customary Hindu greeting i.e. namaskaram which is an important part of maintaining social distancing.  Importance of minimalism resisting the urge to buy unnecessary stuff and living life based on experience rather than worldly possessions. So, everyone should focus on ‘save money and money will save you’. Afterall simple life is a great life too. 


With the increase in usage of smart phones everyone is used to become active on social media platforms rather than spending quality time with family, so I think lockdown is the best time where each and every family had spent great moments with their family members. It made me realize that the greater savior of our lives is home and family. The invaluable services rendered by the doctors, health care professional, cops, emergency workers are indebted. Taking care of environment is very essential in order to sustain a better life in the society.  During this crisis we all realize about the importance of food being wasted. We learned that nothing should be taken for granted we just need to appreciate little things that makes a huge difference. It is each and every individual responsibility to fight against COVID 19 taking precautionary steps are more essential than cure.   

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