Impact of COVID-19 students.

             We all are facing a situation where we are getting tired of doing nothing. We people who just don’t bother about living at home. Living with family and spending times with them used to be a dream of everyone. People use to curse their life, as they didn’t have sufficient time for their family members. They all were complaining about their jobs, their office, and the more important person is the boss. Yes, people even criticize that person who is giving them work. Having a job is important for everyone. It gives them the feeling of being significant. They feel like they are important too. Everyone wants to be in demand. This is something, everyone relishes upon.

                       Take the example of students, I feel the impact of this lockdown is different for every student. As a student, I believe that every student is suffering from the pandemic. Their syllabus is incomplete, their exams are in vague. they don’t have any clarity about any further development. 

           As a student, I can understand the feelings of all my mate and I can understand, they are going through mental and social stress. Talking about social life, they are missing their friends, interactions and outings. We, students, learn by meeting new people, by creating a new idea of fun, by having a new experience and we learn from all experiences. Learning and growing is only part of students’ life. We stay curious and learn new thing with new experiences.  

 The best feature of every student- being curious. But I feel that this lockdown might have killed this aspect of every student. 

 According to the best student of India, Dr APJ Abdul kalam, you cannot change your future but you can change your habits and surely your habits will change your future. And I know that because of this pandemic, many negative thoughts would rise in your brain. Negativity is inevitable, like Thanos, to get rid of it we must fight like a superhero. And our superhero is a positive mindset. 

           What You ThinkYou Become, we need to remember this and prepare for our life. Students are the hope of the country and they must be hopeful for better tomorrow. 


        So what do you think about positive mindset? Will you be positive for the sake of good ? Because positivity  is the best things to spread in the society 

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