My Ideal Education


           When the body is ill, one need to takes medicine to regain health. Likewise, when society is ill, it must take the medicine called education. After reading this I hope you all have understood the importance of education. Education is the most fundamental needs of everyone. We must have the education to make ourselves better than yesterday. This is learning. You must keep on learning to educate yourself.

Education is the panacea for all evils. Education must reach all section of society, and people must able to grips with their condition and find solutions to their problems. Considering the present scenario, if we think about the importance of education. If people are educated enough, then they are not roaming on the roads, they could have restricted themselves to be at home and contributing towards containment of this pandemic.

           The goal of education is not to create human computers, but to produce real human beings. Education should not act as an information provider rather it acts a shaper of mind, it must inculcate the differentiation of good and bad, right and wrong. In today’s era, information about any topic is available on the internet, one can get knowledge about any subject from just a click. Education must help students to understand the objects rather concentrating on subjects. Education must be objective rather subjective.

Education is not the amount of information put in your brain, it is all about utilizing the limited information you have gathered. You can learn and update your skills when you need. Education must enable one to utilize his knowledge and implement his skills for the betterment of humankind at large. As the body requires both food and exercise, the mind also requires both foods of knowledge and exercise of reason. Education must provide both.

Education in today’s era has commercialized, education has become the best way to make money. Since industrial development has become the primary goal of the country, the educational system has been geared to provide engineers, technicians, scientists, doctors and clerks, etc., but not to produce people with humanness. Its aim at money-making, not man-making. This resulted in individuals knowing how to smile, but not knowing how to feel. Knowing how to work and not knowing how to live a worthy life. Knowing how to exploit but not knowing how to expand. Knowing about the whole world but knowing nothing about themselves. Education about humanness is harmful to the individual. Education must, therefore, enrich everyone with noble values.

Education must make one think independently, not blindly swallow others ‘opinions. One must be able to think through things and come to the right conclusions to what is good. Today we live in a vast world of ideas. There are innumerable opinions and views related to areas of the influences. Nowadays, materials are getting more important than people who are imparting knowledge. As the knowledge of producing food is certainly higher than the food itself, the knowledge of money-making is surely higher than the money. Likewise, the person who knows must definitely to be higher than the knowledge itself.

           Thus, Education must enable an individual to make the differentiation between good and bad rather than giving knowledge. Education must show the path and tell students, how to walk. Individuals must strive to make their life better by learning new skills and make sure they utilize that skills to its full extent. 



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